J.-P. Migne, Patrologiae Graecae

The Patrologia Graeca (or Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca) is an edited collection of writings by the Christian Church Fathers in the Greek language in 161 volumes plus a separate index, produced in 1857–1866 by J.P. Migne. It includes both the Eastern Fathers and those Western authors who wrote before Latin became predominant in the West in the 3rd century, e.g. the early writings collectively known as the Apostolic Fathers, such as the Epistles of Clement and the Shepherd of Hermas, Eusebius, Origen, and the Cappadocian Fathers Basil the Great, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa. The texts are generally presented with a synoptic Latin translation. The 161 volumes are bound as 166 (vols. 16 and 87 being in three parts and vol. 86 in two). An important final volume was never published, as the plates were destroyed in a fire (1868) at the printer.

Migne, Jacques Paul (1800-75), editor and publisher of theological literature. A parish priest near Orlйans from 1824 to 1833, he then went to Paris, where he founded a printing-house and published an immense collection of religious texts and dictionaries, notably the Patrologia Latina , a corpus of Latin ecclesiastical writers up to Innocent III (221 vols., 1844-44), and the Patrologia Graeca, of Greek writers to 1439 (162 vols., Greek text with Latin translation, 1857-66). He used many editions since superseded and printers' errors abound, but for most of the authors the collections remain the standard means of reference and citation. Migne's commercial activities were disliked by H. L. Quelen, Archbishop of Paris (1817-39), but subsequent archbishops were more favourable. In 1868 his workshops and stereotype moulds were destroyed by fire.
Cross, F. L., & Livingstone, E. A. (2005). The Oxford dictionary of the Christian Church (3rd ed. rev.) (1092). Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press.

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v.4 Dionysius the Areopagit

v.36 Gregory of Nazianzus

v.49 John Chrysostom

Tables of Content:

PG 1: Clement of Rome,
PG 2: Clement of Rome, with Epistle of Barnabas, Shepherd of Hermas, Epistle to Diognetus, etc.
PG 3-4: Dionysius the Areopagite
PG 5: Ignatius of Antioch, with Polycarp, Melito of Sardis, Papias, Apollonius of Ephesus, etc.
PG 6: Justin Martyr, with Tatian, Athenagoras, Theophilus of Antioch, and Hermias philosophus
PG 7: Irenaeus
PG 8-9: Clement of Alexandria
PG 10: Gregory Thaumaturgus, with Pope Zephyrinus, Julius Africanus, Pope Urban I, Hippolytus, etc.
PG 11-17: Origen
PG 18: Methodius of Olympius, with Alexander of Lycopolitanus, Peter of Alexandria, Theodore of Mopsuestia, etc.
PG 19-24: Eusebius of Caesarea
PG 25-28: Athanasius
PG 29-32: Basil the Great
PG 33: Cyril of Jerusalem, with Apollinaris of Laodicea, Diodorus of Tarsus, etc.
PG 34: Macarius of Egypt and Macarius of Alexandria
PG 35-37: Gregory of Nazianzus
PG 38: Gregory of Nazianzus, with Caesarius
PG 39: Didymus the Blind, Amphilochius Iconiensis, and Nectarius
PG 40: Egyptian Fathers: Anthony the Great, Pachomius, Serapion, etc.
PG 41-42: Epiphanius
PG 43: Epiphanius, with Nonnus of Panopolitanus
PG 44-46: Gregory of Nyssa
PG 47-64: John Chrysostom
PG 65: Severianus, Theophilus, Palladius, Philostrogius, Atticus, Proclus, Flavianus, Marcus Eremita, Marcus Diadochus, and Marcus Diaconus
PG 66: Theodore of Mopsuestia, Synesius, and Arsenius
PG 67: Socrates and Sozomenus
PG 68-76: Cyril of Alexandria
PG 77: Cyril of Alexandria, Theodotus of Ancyranus, Paul of Emesenus, Acacius of Berrhњensis, John of Antioch, Memon of Ephesus, Acacus of Melito, Rabbulus of Edesse, Firmus of Cesaria, and Amphilochius of Sidon
PG 78: Isidorus Pelusiote
PG 79: Nilus of Sinai
PG 80-84: Theodoretus of Cyrus
PG 85: Basil of Seleucia; Euthalius Deacon of Alexandria, John of Carpathios, Eneas Gazeos, Zacharias Mitylenes Gelasius of Cyzicus, Theotimus, Ammonius, Andreas of Samosatus, Gennadius of Constantinople, Candidus, Antipater of Bostros, Dalmatius, Timothy, and Eustathius.
PG 86: Timothy of Constantinople, Theodorus, Procopius Deacon of Tyre, Theodorus Bishop of Scythopolitanus, Timothy of Hierosolymitanus, Timothy III of Alexandria, Theodosius of Alexandria, Eusebius of Alexandria, Eusebius of Emesenus, Gregentius of Tapharensis, Epiphanius of Contstantinople, Isaac of Ninivitanus, Barsanuphius of Palestine, Eustathius, Justinian, Agapetus, and Leontius Byzantinus, Leontius Byzantinus (continuation), Ephraimus of Antioch, Paulus Silentiarus, Eutrychius of Constantinople, Evagrius the scholar, Eulogius of Alexandria, Simeon Stylita Junior, Zacharias of Heirosolymitanus, Modesta of Hierosolymitanus, Jobius, Erechtius of Antioch and Peter of Laodocia.
PG 87: Procopius of Gaza, Joannes Moschus, Sophronius, and Alexander Monachus
PG 88: Cosmas Indicopleustes, Constantine the Deacon, Joannes Climacus, Agathias Myrine, Gregory of Antioch, Joannes Jejunator the Partriarch of Constantinople
PG 89: Anastasius of Sinai, Anastasius of Antioch, Anastisius Abbot of Euthymius, Anastasius IV Patriarch of Antioch, and Antiochus of Sabe
PG 90: Maximus the Abbot
PG 91: Maximus the Confessor, Thalasius the Abbot, and Theodore the Abbot of Raithuensis
PG 92: Paschal Chronicle
PG 93: Olympiodus Deacon of Alexandria, Hesychius, Leontius of Neapoleos in Cyprus, and Leontius of Damascus
PG 94-95: John of Damascus
PG 96: John of Damascus with John of Nicea, John the Patriarch of Constantinople, and Joannes Eubњensis
PG 97: John Malalas, Andreas of Jerusalem, Elias of Crete and Theordore Abucara
PG 98: Germanus Patriach of Constantinople, Cosmas of Jerusalem, Gregory II, Anonymus Becuccianus, Pantaleon Deacon of Constantinople, Adrian the Monk, Epiphanius Deacon of Catania, Pacomius the Monk, Philotheus the Monk, and Tarasius Patriarch of Constantinople
PG 99: Theodori Studite
PG 100: Nicephorus Patriarch of Constantinople, Stephen Deacon of Constantinople, Gregorius Decapolita, Christopher Patriarch of Alexandria, and Methodius Patriarch of Constantinople
PG 101-103: Photius of Constantinople
PG 104: Photius of Constantinople, Petrus Siculus, Peter bishop of Argos, and Bartholomew of Edessa
PG 105: Nicetas David Paphlago, Nicetas of Byzantium, Theognostus the Monk, Anonymous, and Josephus the Hymnographer
PG 106: Joseppus, Nicephorus the Philosopher, Andreas archbishop of Cesarea in Capadoccia, Arethas Bishop of Cesarea in Cappadocia, Joannes Geometra, Cosmas Vestitor, Leo Patricius, and Athanasius Bishop of Corinth, with other Greek works
PG 107: Leo VI Roman Emperor
PG 108: Theophanes Abbot and Confessor, Unknown Author, Leo Grammaticus, and Anastasii History and Church Librarian
PG 109: Scriptores post Theophanem ex edit. Fr. Combefisii
PG 110: Georgius Monachus
PG 111: Nicholas Patriarch of Constantinople, Anonymous, Basilius Neopatrensis Metropolita, Basil Bishop of Cesare Cappadocia, Gregory Presbyter of Cesaree, Josephus Genesius, Moses son of Cepha in Syria, Theodorus Daphnopata, Nicephorus Presbyter of Constantinople, Eutychius Patriarch of Alexandria, and George the Monk
PG 112: Constantine Porphyrogenitus
PG 113: Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Nicon the Monk in Crete, and Theodosius the Deacon
PG 114-116: Symeon Metaphrastes
PG 117: Leonis Diaconi with Hyppolitus Thebanus, Georgides Monachus, Ignatius Diaconus, Nilus, Christophus Protoasecretis, Michael Hamartolus, Anonymus, and Suidas
PG 118-119: Њcumenius Bishop of Trikka
PG 120: Anonymous, Theodorus Iconii Episcopus, Leo Presbyter, Leo Grammaticus, Joannis Presbyter, Epiphanius Monachus Hierosolymitanus, Alexius Patriarch of Constantinople, Demetrius Syncellus Cyzicenus Metropolita, Nicetas Chartophylax Nicenus, Michael Cerularius Patriarch of Constantinople, Samonas Gaxensis Episcopus, Leo Achridanus Bulgarorum Archiepiscopus, Nicetas Pectoratus Presbyter et Monasterii Studiensis Monachus, Joannes Euchaitarum MetropolitaJoannis Xiphilini Archbishop of Constantinople, Joannes Deacon of Constantinople, and Symeonis Junioris
PG 121-122: Georgii Cedreni
PG 123-126: Theophylactus Bulgarie Archiepiscopus
PG 127: Nicephorus Bryennius, Constantinus Manasses, Nicolaus Patriarch of Constantinople, Lucas Abbas Cryptoferrantersis Septimus, Nicon Monachus Raithensis in Palestina, Anastasius Cesaree Palestinee Archiepiscopus, Nicetas Serronius, Jacobus Monachus Coccinobaphi, Philippus Solitarius, Job Monachus, Petrus Chrysolanus Mediolanensis Archiepiscopus, Alexius Comnenus Imp. Irene Augusta, Nicephorus Botaniata Imp., and Nicetas Seidus
PG 128-130: Euthymius Zigabeno
PG 131: Euthymius Zigabeno with Anna Comenea Porphyrogenit Cesarissa
PG 132: Theophanes Kerameus, Nilus Doxapatrius, John Bishop of Antioch, Joannes Comnenus, Isaacus Magne Armenie Catholicus
PG 133: Arsenius in Monte Sancto Monachus, Aristenus Monachus, Lucas Chrysoberges, Theorianus Philosophus Christianus, Nerses Claiensis, Joannes Cinnamus, Manuel Comnenus, Alexius Comnenus, Andronicus Comnenus, Theodorus Prodromus
PG 134: Joannis Zonare
PG 135: Joannis Zonare Georgius Xiphilinus, Isaacius Angleus, Neophytus, Joannes Chilas, Nicolaus Methonensis in Peloponneso Metropolita, and Eustathius Thessalonicensis Metropolita
PG 136: Eustathius of Thessalonica with Antonius Melissa
PG 137: Theodori Balsamonis
PG 139: Isidorus Thessalonicensis Metropolita, Nicetas Maronee Thessalonicensis Metropolita, Joannes Citri Episcopus, Marcus Alexandrinus Byzantinus, Nicetas Choniata
PG 140: Nicetas Choniata, Anonymi Greci, Michael Acominatus Choniata Archbishop of Athens, Theodorus Alanicus, Theordous Andidensis Episcopus, Manuel Magnus Rhetor Constantinople, Pantaleo, Manuel Charitopulus, Germanus II, Michael Chumnus, Theodorus Ducas Lascaris, Methodius, Nicephorus II, Constantinus Acropolita, Arsenius Autorianus, Georgius Acropolita, Nicephorus Chumnus, Alexander IV, and Sixtus IV
PG 141: Joannes Veccus, Constantinus Meliteniota, and Georgius Metochita
PG 142: Georgius Cyprius, Athanasius Patriarch of Constantinople, and Nicephorus Blemmida
PG 143: Ephraeligmius Chronographus, Theoleptus Philadelphiensium Metropolita, and Georgius Pachymeres
PG 144: Georgius Pachymeres, Theodorus Metochita Magnus Logtheta, and Mattheus Blastares Hieromonachus
PG 145: Mattheus Blastares Hieromonachus, Theodulus Monachus, Alias Thomas Magister, Nicephorus Callistus Xanthopulus
PG 146: Nicephorus Callistus Xanthopulus
PG 147: Nicephorus Callistus Xanthopulus, Callistus et Ignatius Xanthopuli Monachi, Callistus Patriarcha Constantinopuli Monachi, Callistus Telicoudes, Callistus Cataphugiota, Nicepphorus Monachus, Maximus Planudes Cpolitanus Monachus
PG 148: Nicephorus Gregoras
PG 149: Nicephorus Gregoras, Nilus Cabasilas Thessalonicensis Metropolita, Theodorus Meliteniota, Magne Ecclesie Sacellarius, Georgius Lapitha, and Anonymus
PG 150: Constantinus Harmenopulus, Macarius Chrysocephalus Philadelphiensis Metropolita, Joannes Caleca Cpolitanus Patriarcha, Theophanes Nicenus Archiepiscopus, Nicolaus Cabasila Thessalonicensis Metropolita, Gregorius Palamas Thessalonicensis Metropolita
PG 151: Gregorius Palamas Thessalonicensis Metropolita, Gregorius Acindynus Monachus et Theologus, Barlaamus de Seminaria, Gyracensis Episcopus
PG 152: Manuel Calecas Ordinis fratrum minorum Monachus Cpolitanus Patriarcha, Joannes Cyparissiota, Mattheus Cantacuzenus Imp.Cp. and Joan. Glycis, Esaias, Joan. Caleca, Isidorus, Callistus, and Philotheus Cpolitani
PG 153: Joannes Cantacuzenus Imp. CP
PG 154: Joannes Cantacuzenus Imp. CP, Philotheus Cpolitanus Patriarcha, Demetrius Cydonius, Maximus Chrysoberga Monachus
PG 155: Symeon Thessalonicensis Archiepiscopus
PG 156: Manuel Chrysoloras, Joannes Cananus, Manuel II Paleologus, Joannes Anagnosta, and Georgius Phrantza
PG 157: Georgius Codinus Curopalata and Ducas
PG 158: Michael Clyca, Joannes Diaconus Adrianopolitanus, Esaias Cyprius, Hilario Monachus, Joannes Argyropulus, Josephus Cpolitanus Patriarcha, Job Monachus, Bartholomeus de Jano Ord. Minorum, Nicolaus Barbarus Patricius Venetus, and Anonymus
PG 159: Laonicus Chalcocondyla Atheniensis, Leonardus Chiensis Mitlyeneus Archiepiscopus, Isidorus S.R.E. Cardinalis Ruthenorum Episcopus, Josephus Methonensis Episcopus
PG 160: Gregorius Mamma Cpolitanus Patriarcha, Gennadius Seu Georgius Scholarius Xpolitanus Patriarcha, Georgius Gemistus Pletho, Mattheus Camariota, Marcus Eugenicus Ephesius Metropolita, and Nicolaus V Romanus Pontifex
PG 161: Bessarion S.R.E. Cardinalis, Georgius Trapezuntinus, Constantinus Lascaris, Theodorus Gaza, and Andronicus Callistus

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